We believe that a secure, dependable database that can evolve and meet the changing requirements of your business is essential to your company's success.

In 1993, our clients asked us to find an off-the-shelf PC software program that was:

Easy to use,
Acceptable to sales personnel
Shareable over a local area network
Able to Integrate to other PC software programs and
Able to synchronize with a portable database.

We conducted a search to meet the above requirements. The best match was Maximizer. To-day Maximizer is still the choice database software program. In fact it has evolved to become the choice "Customer Relationship Management" software program for the single user, small business and large corporate user.

In 1993, we became Maximizer VARs. To day, we are a Maximizer Business Partner. Our motto is to "Put Technology To Work" for you. To this end, we will provide you with the consulting services you require to successfully implement Maximizer.

Maximizer Software Installation and Configuration

Our installation and configuration services will get you up and running quickly. If you have installed Maximizer and are experiencing difficulties, we will debug and correct the problem to get the smooth operation you should expect from Maximizer.

Database Conversion

Whether you are converting from a previous version of Maximizer or from a different database program we will find the best and quickest way to transfer the information into Maximizer so that you can be up and running instantly. Below is a list of file structures and database formats that we have successfully converted into Maximizer format:

  • Comma or tab delimited files
  • Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Dbase, Clipper, FoxBASE, and FoxPro files
  • Act and Goldmine

Planning & Design Workshop

Our experience shows that many organizations install and start using Maximizer without considering the most effective use of built-in productivity features. This often produces high maintenance databases that can become unmanageable. Therefore, initial implementations often become frustrating.

We offer our Maximizer expertise to help you design your business procedures to capture the information you need with the least manual effort by using the built-in Maximizer productivity features.

We can also help you to document your procedures and develop a rollout plan for a successful Maximizer implementation.

Maximizer Training

Our Maximizer training programs range from classroom workshops to on-site one-on-one tutorials. Our workshops are scheduled monthly in order to allow you to train your employees or provide refresher courses to improve your efficiency in using Maximizer checkout our workshops description and schedule for further information. We, also, conduct on-site group training or tutoring.