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Maximizer CRM 12.0 Event Management



The Maximizer Event Management is an add-on program leveraging the Maximizer Campaign, Customer Portal and Customization APIs.










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Event/Workshop Creation and Description  0

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Maximizer Event Management - Overview

The Maximizer “Event Management” add-on Leverages the Maximizer campaign manager, Customer Portal and APIs. The APIs are used to

·         Register new or existing customers for Event and/or workshops,

·         Process event/workshop fees with payment gateway,

·         Adding new contacts into the Maximizer database in real time, and

·         Track registration information.

To achieve the above, both the “Fixed-Date Automated Campaign”    and “Ongoing Automated Campaign” are used.

The “Fixed-Date Automated Campaign” is used for Marketing. You can send email invitations to prospects with a link to register on line. Other forms of advertising can be used to bring people to the registration website.

The “Ongoing Automated Campaign” is used to allow people to register and to send out email confirmations with maps and other material regarding the event or workshop.

Customers who have registered through the customer portal can use the same user ID and password to process payment through the Event Management website. If returning customers have forgotten their password they can retrieve forgotten credentials from Maximizer. This leverages the forgotten credentials retrieval mechanism in the Customer portal.

Fixed-Date Automated Campaign - Screen Shots                                 

Table of Contents

From the Campaign Window, click “Add Automated Campaign”. Choose “Fixed-Date Automated Campaign” and click next to create an email invitation.


Refer to Chapter 10 in the Maximizer User Manual for instructions in preparing email templates.



Email templates                                                                                                                    

Table of Contents

A Campaign can be launched with an existing template or a new template.  Saved email templates are useful for repetitive events and/or workshops. 

Different email templates can be included in the same campaign as scheduled events. This is very useful to send out a second email as a reminder. Refer to Chapter 10 in the Maximizer User Manual for instructions in preparing email templates.


Ongoing Automated Campaign – Screen Shots                                                    

Table of Contents

This campaign will show up on the web as a shopping cart item. If a campaign template with the email confirmation has already been created, then you can simply add the event or workshop from the Maximizer Campaign window. Below are the steps with screen shots.

Event/Workshop Creation and Description                                                                      

Table of Contents

From the Campaign Window, click “Add Automated Campaign”. Choose “Ongoing     Automated Campaign” and click next to create a registration page or shopping cart event and confirmation email.



Use an existing campaign template or create a new campaign. In the example I am using an existing template which I will modify for the workshops scheduled for September 2013.


-          The description in the “*Name” field will appear on the web.

-          The short description entered in the “Description” Field will appear on the web.

-          “Budget and Expected revenue are optional fields and are not used by Event Management”


Create Event/Workshop without Address Book Entries                                                 

Table of Contents

Choose “Search for Entries in the Address Book and click next.

Since an email will only be sent out to people that register click next.


Choose a start date and click next.

Click Finish.


Update Event/Workshop User Defined Field                                                          

Table of Contents

Double click on the Campaign and update the Campaign User Defined Fields.

-          Issue Tickets: Yes tickets needed

-          Display Online: Display Online or take offline

-          Location:  29 Character for location

-          Workshop Dates:  29 Character for Date

-          Price: Enter $ Amount

-          Per: Person, Family or couple

-          Cancellation Fee: Enter $ amount

-          Workshop Size: Facility Capacity

-          Number of Participants Registered:  Future Use


Campaign Field Name


Issue Tickets:

Used if tickets are required for the event/conference Default is no. Yes is an option, if tickets needed.

Display Online:

Display online or Take Offline are options to display campaign on website for registration or remove from website


29 character alphanumeric UDF to enter workshop location

Workshop Dates: 

29 Character alphanumeric UDF to enter data and time for the workshop/event


Numeric field for unit price of the workshop/event to the nearest dollar.


Unit for Price. Options are Person, Family or couple

Cancellation Fee:

Numeric Field to enter the cost for cancelling attendance to event/workshop to the nearest dollar.

Workshop Size:

Numeric field to enter what the total number of participants the facility can accommodate.

Number of Participants Registered: 

Future Use.


The above fields can be used in the email template for confirming workshop/event registration. However, they are primarily used for the shopping cart list on the website.

Modify/Create Event/Workshop Registration Confirmation Email                               

Table of Contents

1.      Click on marketing tab and choose show Campaign. 

2.      Click on email template and from the “more” button, click on modify.

From the Modify Email Activity Window, click on modify to make any changed to the email registration template.

All customers who register on line will get this email.


Event/Workshop website for registration                                                    

Table of Contents

Here is a list of the workshops on the website.

·         Market Summary in top left corner will appear on all windows so that you can see event/workshops and total amount purchased.

o   Click on view basket from this window to purchase selected events/workshops.

·         Click on view Details to open workshop information and to add to basket.

Click on view and the details of each workshop will be displayed.

·         Click on Add to Basket. This will be added to Basket Summary on top left of screen.

·         Click on “Back to Workshop” to add another workshop

·         Click View Basket to pay for event/workshop.


Once you have selected all events/workshops

·         Click Register Worksop to Pay

·         Clear Basket if you have selected wrong workshop

·         Return to workshop list to select another workshop.


Automatic Payment processing                                                                    

Table of Contents

All customers who register will receive an email confirmation. Their name will be added to the campaign for reporting and future reference. Note that to register, you must either be a previous client or register by entering name and address information into Maximizer.

To pay for event/workshops, you can

·         log into the Maximizer database with your   customer portal credentials or

·         Register by entering your name and address and creating your user ID and password.





Note that:

1.      If you created a Maximizer User ID from this website or the customer or partner portal then you do not need to re-register.

2.      To prevent customers from registering in a workshop or using the customer portal, then you simply need to remove him as customer from the category field.

3.      Customer will be able to retrieve from Maximizer his login credentials

4.      If a customer attempt to re-register with same last name and email address, then Maximizer credential will be email to customer automatically.

New User Registration                                                                                                        

Table of Contents

New user Registration form

·         Enter your Name and Address

·         Click Next

Create your own user ID and passcode for future communication.

·         User Name = Log in Name

·         Password = your own passcode


User with User ID & Passcode                                                                                            

Table of Contents

Enter user IP and passcode to go directly to payment page.


Enter credit card Information and check out.


·         Information on this page sent to payment gateway for processing

·         Credit card will be charged

·         Confirmation email sent

·         Payment recorded to merchant account or transmitted to bank of choice.



Table of Contents

All Maximizer campaign reports can be used as well as all preconfigured dashboard built by Maximizer that shipped with the Maximizer purchase or upgrade.  Additional report such as listed below, if required can be produced from Maximizer.


·         Labels,

·         Column Reports

·         List of new user registrations

·         Etc.


Maximizer Event Management Flowchart                                                     

Table of Contents

Text Box: Maximizer Event Management uses the Maximizer campaign Manager to send out invitations and for registration as well as automatic payment processing.