Data Backup with Veeam

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We provide engineering and business analysis services to analyze your environment with a goal to design adequate data backup and disaster recovery strategy.

We will develop your disaster recovery plan and implement your data backup solution to ensure that you are able to recover your data in case of accidental deletion or a total loss of your primary facility servers and data storage.

In addition, we offer Zita One Backup to accommodate offsite backup sync and retention, as well as Snapshot backup for long term archiving options to consider.

Disaster Recovery options:

  • Server or Data restoration on the client site
  • Server or Data restoration in Zita private data center
  • Server or Data restoration on the cloud


‘Data Backup & Disaster Recovery’

1 Onsite Data Backup

VEEAM Backup & Replication software provides complete backup and disaster recovery solution for both physical and virtual platforms. Volume level backup for your Windows, Linux and other servers. (encrypted with SSL) on to your (NAS) device.

2 Offsite Data Copy

VEEAM software running on the server provides service to create an offsite backup image to a remote location or cloud (i.e. Microsoft Azure Cloud, Zita private data center).

3 Snapshot Archive

An annual data snapshot will be created for long term data archiving purposes. A portable hard drive will be allocated and stored at Zita Data Center safe.